What Factors Should I Consider Before Hiring a Locksmith?

Since 1962, Sure-Fit Security has been serving the Washington, DC metro area by providing its customers quality locksmith work. We want to help you protect yourself from suffering a great loss, which is the new reality today. Our well-trained technicians are licensed and can give you a free estimate to install, repair, and adjust locks to your home, office, safe, or vehicle. We are proud members of the ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) and an Authorized Medeco Service Center. We can help you address your security or locksmith needs in or around Bethesda, MD and the surrounding areas.

• When you head to google any type in the word “locksmith” in or around Silver Spring, MD tons of hits will come up. So how do you pick and choose a candidate? The pros at Sure-Fit Security want you to take a few things into consideration before randomly picking someone from the internet to handle your security issue. Be aware that a few dollars saved today might cost you thousands of dollars later. Before selecting a locksmith, the professionals at Sure-Fit recommend you make sure that the locksmith you hire is not a con artist or scammer. Make sure that the person you hire will do the job that they are supposed to do. Ask if they are licensed professionals. They will have an identification badge and license number if they are true professionals. If not, you may end up will a bill and still have a broken lock, or a security system that isn’t safe because the codes have been recorded so that the unscrupulous schemer can access your personal information whenever they want. Our service technicians here at Sure-Fit are trained and licensed. For your information, it is illegal for a locksmith to operate without a valid license in the state of Maryland. Our team includes Maryland Licensed Locksmiths and Licensed Security Professionals.

• After you change your locks it’s too late to worry if the locksmith you used may have done something wrong. That’s why in our metro area, including Annapolis, MD, you should ask if the locksmith is a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America. Basically, the ALOA develops codes of ethics and selects only the most qualified licensed professionals and businesses to become members of the organization. As a result, you are eliminating the guesswork of, will I end up regretting this later if say suddenly I am getting unauthorized charges to my credit card?

• We understand that sometimes you call a locksmith when you have a true emergency; it’s 100 degrees outside, the baby is screaming because he’s hungry, and you just need the door unlocked NOW because you are about to lose your cool! If you do nothing but check out a locksmith’s online reputation before you hire them from Chevy Chase to Bethesda, Maryland and the surrounding communities, you can vastly narrow down the legit locksmiths from the scam artists. While this isn’t the best or only resource you should use, it does offer some protection from hiring a locksmith with tons of complaints. Here at Sure-Fit, we have testimonials from satisfied customers and businesses integrated right on our website. However, if you have an emergency, simply pull up something like Yelp, Angie’s List, or Facebook on your phone’s app, and see what previous customers have to say about the quality and honesty of the person they hired. Whether you want a free quote to get started on adding a state-of-the-art electronic access control system to your office, or you need your house unlocked now because you lost the key, call the professionals at Sure-Fit Security at 301-585-4595.

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