Trusting a Locksmith in Chevy Chase, MD to Find You Keys That Cannot Be Duplicated

Whether you are renting out your apartment to a stranger or hiring someone to watch your dog for the weekend, there will be situations where you trust someone you do not know with your keys. In these situations, they have access to your home and all of your belongings—and while they may not burglarize your home while they’re on the job or on a lease, with your keys in their possession it is not difficult for them to get to a hardware store to have an inexpensive duplicate key made so they can return at a later date.

That is why you need to find a locksmith in Chevy Chase, MD who can provide you with a key that cannot be replicated.

Marking a Key

Many people think that if they have “DO NOT DUPLICATE” printed on their key, then the problem will be solved. However, someone preparing to burglarize your home is probably not going to be concerned with whether or not you will allow a copy of the key. Further, while marking your key will be helpful if the burglar is found with the unmarked duplicate key in their possession, they likely will not be carrying it around with them after the fact.

The only way to ensure that you are protected is to hire a locksmith in Chevy Chase, MD who can provide you with high-security locks.

High-Security Locks

The best way to stay protected is to find a locksmith in Chevy Chase, MD who stocks Medeco High-Security Locks. These locks are tested for forced entry, pick resistance, and drill resistance in addition to the non-duplicating restrictions you sought. Medeco also produces a line of locks called KeyMark, which focuses solely on non-duplication restrictions.

Final Word

If you want to stay safe and keep your cherished belongings protected, it’s time you called a locksmith in Chevy Chase, MD to provide you with a key that cannot be duplicated. At Sure-Fit Security, we have a line of locks that can fit whatever your needs, from non-duplication to overall increased security. Stop by our site today to learn more:

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