Burglar Resistive vs Fire Resistive

Burglary safes are rated for the time they resist an attack through the safe door, unless it’s indicated that it has a six sided “X6” rating.

Fire safes are rated for how long it takes the inside of the safe to reach a certain temperature when “baked” as in a fire. They may also be tested when hot on their resistance to dropping 30’ to mimic falling through burning floorboards.

Fire safes are also broken down into document (paper) or media (computer data or photographic negatives) storage. If you are storing documents or media that have no negotiable value, then you might consider a protective file cabinet for easier storage.

Safes are built to meet certain fixed standards of either fire resistance and/or burglar resistance. Non-negotiable paper documents and records can safely be housed in a fire resistive safe. However, if the items are primarily valuables of the type that are burglary “target items,” then a burglar resistive safe should be your choice. Floppy disks, magnetic tapes, and photographic negatives will not be protected in a standard fire resistant safe. These items need additional protection from heat and moisture and should be placed in a “media” safe.

There is no “fireproof” or “burglar proof” safe. Given enough time and heat, anything will burn. Given time and the proper tools any lock can be defeated.


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