Safes and Fire-Resistant Cabinets

Almost everyone has items that hold a priceless, sentimental value — from inherited family heirlooms to hard-earned collectibles; these items define the past and are cherished for the future. These easy-to-take and easy-to-destroy items are often lost when a robbery or fire occurs. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year between 2003 and 2007. The National Fire Protection Association reports that there were 365,500 home fires in 2015, at a cost of $7 billion. The best way to ensure that you keep your valuables, along with important and private documents, safe and in your possession is to find a fire-resistant safe that will hold up if the burglars come.

Fire-Resistant “Safes”

In an attempt to quickly protect their valuables, homeowners often purchase the first fire-resistant safe they see, which will typically protect from a fire and be entirely useless in the case of a burglary. While these “safes” are advertised as such, they are typically light-weight, fire-proof boxes that can be picked with a screwdriver and minimal effort. Plus, because they are so light, a burglar could just pick them up and carry them to a second location, where they will have time to open them up. Even simple steel-plate safes may be tool-resistant but can be broken into with a blowtorch and a little willpower.

Finding the Right Fire-Resistant Safe

Finding the right fire-resistant safe simply takes some common sense and a little knowledge. If you want a safe that will be as burglar-proof as possible, go after a safe with solid high tensile steel walls and door. For a fire-proof safe, look for those that have been tested and lasted 1-2 hours through fire.

Final Word

It is important to protect the items that hold sentimental value for you and keep those documents safe that are important to your financial future. Plus, burglary resistant safes earn discounts from basic insurance premiums. If you want to find a fire-resistant safe that will hold up against burglars, call Sure-Fit Security at 301-585-4595, and we’ll consult with you to find the safe with the highest protection for your budget.

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