Keep Your Home Safe from Intruders with Medeco Locks

Medeco’s residential locks can help to burglar-proof your home

No one wants to think about an intruder coming into your home with malicious intent. But unfortunately, it does happen, and that’s why it is so important to protect your home and everyone who lives in it the best you can, whether you’re at home or away on vacation. One you can do that is by coming to Sure-Fit Security and checking out our line of Medeco high-security locks. Medeco is the oldest high-security lock manufacturer in the United States and has been securing everything from government, industrial and commercial buildings as well as residential homes, for more than forty years. At Sure-Fit Security, we have been offering our locksmithing services in the Washington DC and Metropolitan Maryland area for more than fifty years, and we are an authorized Medeco Service Center, which means we can help you every step of the way, from purchase to installation and servicing for your Medeco locks.

Trust Medeco deadbolts for safety and security

High-security deadbolt locks are admittedly more expensive than your standard lock. However, in return for the extra cost, you get significantly more protection, as deadbolt locks have a more burglar-resistant design, including things like hardened cylinders and unique pin configurations. Why should you choose Medeco locks, though? Their residential deadbolt lock, the Medeco Maxum, exceeds standards for auxiliary locks and resists hammering, wrenching and prying attacks as well as drill and pick resistance. The locking technology also carries a special certification that assures you protection against key duplication and can be incorporated into an existing master key system. It also has a double cylinder thumbturn available, which makes for even more security, since if you had a window on or very near your door, a burglar would be unable to smash the glass and open the door from the inside, as you would need a key for that as well. Also available is the Classic CLIQ residential deadbolt, which offers even more security, as the keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks and even then, only during specific times. These specific times also can come with an expiration point to disable the key until it is audited and then reprogrammed, which allows you to respond quickly to issues like lost or stolen keys without having to deal with the extra costs of changing your locks and keys.

Final Word

Consistently rated by Consumer Reports as the best high-security lock, the Medeco Maxum beat all of Consumer Reports’ tests of picking, drilling, pummeling, kicking-in and more, which is presumably considerably more effort than a potential burglar would be willing to invest before leaving in search of an easier target. For almost fifty years, Medeco has been used to protect U.S. government and military installations both at home and abroad, as well as everything from schools and hospitals to parking meters and vending machines, and ensures that your home is safe from any would-be intruders.

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