Home Surveillance Security: Why You Need a Home Surveillance System in Your House

In 2018, there were over 7 million property crimes, including burglary.

Break-ins and property damage are an everyday threat in the United States. Perhaps you’re worried a former employee is going to track your home down and damage something as revenge. Maybe you underwent a burglary once before and need to recover a sense of security for yourself and your family.

Whatever your reasons, a surveillance security system can help to protect your home and make you feel safer. This article will cover the benefits of security cameras.

1. Protect Yourself From Porch Pirates

If you’re expecting a package on your porch, you’ll have to worry about porch pirates. Porch pirates are people who will follow behind a delivery truck and steal parcels off people’s porches as soon as they’re delivered.

This occurrence gets even worse during the holiday season, when package shipping is at its highest. Over 36% of people in the United States have experienced a delivered package being stolen off their porch. One of the benefits of surveillance cameras is that they will deter porch pirates from stealing your packages, or at the very least, help you catch the culprit.

2. Deter Crime From Happening

Home security cameras that are out in the open and visible to passersby can help to deter crime in your local area.

Burglars look for homes that will be easy prey and where they have a better chance of not getting caught. They want a home that appears empty and has fewer street lights around it so they can move around easier without being seen.

However, the biggest factor they look for is whether there are any home protection cameras that can be used to identify and catch them later on. If they see a surveillance system, most burglars leave your home and surrounding homes alone.

3. You Can Monitor Your Property At All Times

When you have a security system, you can monitor your home from anywhere. If you have to leave for a bit and your children are home alone, a surveillance system will allow you to keep watch over them and make sure everything is okay.

Security cameras do more than protect your home from burglaries. They also help protect against serious accidents. What if one of your children slips and falls down the stairs or passes out for whatever reason? You’ll know at once that something is wrong and be able to respond appropriately.

4. Keep Track of Your Pets

Everyone loves the family dog. Sometimes, though, dogs can misbehave while we’re away from home. Or maybe your pet underwent surgery or has a health condition that worries you.

Either way, surveillance cameras will let you keep a watchful eye over your beloved pet.

5. Assist the Police

There have been cases where a home surveillance camera helped to capture a crime occurring next door. In Colorado, this was the case for Chris Watts, who murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters. Police had been unable to find any concrete evidence against him, but thanks to a neighbor’s security footage, they were able to link the missing family to him.

Get Relief of Mind With Surveillance Security Cameras

Everyone deserves peace of mind. If you want to protect your home and your family, then a surveillance security system is the best option to go. You’ll be able to deter crime, keep a watchful eye over your loved ones and property, and in the worse of situations, identity perpetrators.

Sure-Fit Security uses the top security brands around for its products, such as Medeco Security Center, Sargent, and Dorma. Contact us today to order your own surveillance system or if you have any questions.

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