Efficient, Secure, and Healthy: Reasons Replacing Your Door is a Smart Idea

When it comes to replacing doors, whether commercially or for a residence, consulting a professional is key for ensuring that everything is done correctly for the most secure and strong result. There are many reasons to shop for a new door, and these days there are even financial benefits for replacing doors that only serve the purpose of a way in and out of a property. Here are a few reasons why you may be interested in replacing your doors:

First, there are significant government and local energy company rebates for investing in a new, energy-efficient door. If you are planning on replacing your door, shop according to the parameters of government rebates, which can be found on the website

Not only can you benefit financially from government and local energy company rebates for doors that meet energy efficiency parameters, but you can also save money on your utility bill. The better the protection from the outside elements provided by your new door, the lower your utility costs will be each month. On average, switching out less efficient doors for new, energy efficient ones can save you between 12% and 33% in utility costs each year.

The next reason why it may be a good idea to update your door is for the safety of your family, friends, colleagues, customers and/or employees. Yes, saving money is a great reason to switch out the old for the new, but the leading reason doors are replaced are for safety concerns. Older doors are worn out and weaker from the wear and tear, so even if that door once provided quality security, its glory days are over, and it’s probably time to invest in a highly secure elemental barrier.

Aside from protecting your family from an intruder, a new door also protects your family from airborne allergens, reduces the probability of mold and mildew forming within your home, and also can better protect from water and elements entering your home through uneven spots and cracks, which could cause either immediate or long-term damage to floors, walls, ceilings, and even the structural components of your home.

Yet another benefit of replacing doors is not only the savings from being more energy efficient, but the positive environmental impact of reducing your carbon footprint. By choosing a highly efficient door, you are blocking the elements from negatively affecting the way you use energy throughout your home, which in turn lessens the volume of greenhouse gases your home will emit into the environment.

Finally, replacing your old door with a new door is a smart idea because older doors, even those that may not seem that old, are made with dangerous and damaging materials that can cause health issues, such as lead paint.

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