Door/Window Replacement

Do you want or need a new door? Let us take a look at what you have and go from there. The object is for you to have a functional, secure, aesthetically pleasing door and door opening. We can often make adjustments that may be acceptable to you without having to replace your door. Sometimes you need something new. Sure-Fit Security offers commercial and residential door replacement and repair. For commercial clients, we will match your existing door and make sure it meets building code and life safety code requirements. For residential clients, we will provide a secure, quality door that is attractive too.

Door Openers and Door Operators
Doors that automatically close when you enter or leave a business are a given. You expect the door to close. When it doesn’t, we can help. Whether it is a surface mount, in-header, or in-ground, we can service and replace your door closers. Door operators that open and close the door electronically provide a necessary element in meeting Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements. Businesses may also find installation of door operators in all restroom doors beneficial. This is an area where folks expect a hands-free environment. It’s common to see hands-free soap dispensers, faucets and hand dryers. Providing a hands-free door opening is the first and last step to a more sanitary work place – perfect for food service establishments and all stores. For more information on Door Openers and Door Operators, go to:

Hinges and Hinge Repair
Hinge repair is often ignored, thereby creating a greater cost for door and lock repairs. If you notice the door rubbing the floor or the frame, then you probably need to repare your hinges. We can make it happen.


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