Door Security: Hinging on Hinges

Hinges are the movable joints on which doors are able to smoothly open and close. Hinges are an important feature of property security as they are the mechanisms that keep the door on its frame and they also keep the door properly set within the frame. Loose hinges can cause issues such as door sagging and misalignment, which is a security risk for any property.

The longer a door hinge is loose, the more likely the weight of the door will cause further loosening, in which case your door hinge repair costs will increase as the repairs may not only deal with the hinges themselves but also the doorframe and door. The weight of the door can cause stripping of the screw holes and also potentially bend and misshape the hinges themselves. Luckily, Sure-Fit Security has all of the tools and methods to accurately repair any kind of hinge for any kind of door.

There are many kinds of door hinges and each has unique properties that offer a variety of strength and security features.

Setscrew hinge designs keep the hinge pin securely in place by having a small screw threaded through the middle of the hinge. With this kind of hinge design, the setscrew cannot be accessed if the door is closed.

Fast-riveted, or crimped, pins are features that are longer than the height of the hinge and once installed, they are crimped, or bent, to create a rivet around the edges of the hinge in order to keep the hinge secure and the pins unmovable. Fast-riveted pins are the most secure hinge features available, but in being good at their job, the pins also make it difficult for the owners of the doors that have this pin feature to detach the doors easily. To safely remove the doors without causing damage, owners must completely remove the hinges.

Another available hinge feature option that can keep your hinges and thus your door secure is safety studs. These peg-like inserts come either separate from the hinge at purchase or there is an option to purchase hinges that already have these studs in place. Safety studs are a solid security measure for people who may have the need to remove their doors on occasion but don’t necessarily want to commit the time and effort it takes to unscrew every screw in each hinge supporting the door.

No matter your reasoning for needing either new hinges or needing your current hinges repaired or replaced, it is important to consult professionals before beginning work on your hinges. For more information regarding your door’s hinges, or to schedule a hinge repair of any kind with quality door experts in your area, call the Sure-Fit Security professionals today at (301) 585-4595, and visit their website at to explore all of the services they offer in the greater Maryland area.

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