Benefits of Installing a Security Storm Door

Doors can welcome friends and family into your home, but they can also keep undesirable things, like animals or storm debris, out. Installing a security storm door is vital to your home improvement project.

Not sure what a security storm door is or why it’s important? Keep reading to learn the benefits, advantages, and best places to get your home in tip-top shape.

What is a Security Storm Door?

A security storm door is a frame and screen door that can come with glass panels for warmth, latches for safety, and iron bars as a security measures The door sits as the outermost door of your home.

Many people think that you need to purchase a whole new door, but we can assess what you already have and see how it can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

Security Storm Door Benefits

This style of door poses many advantages for homeowners, like safety. However, there may be some benefits you don’t already know about! 

Increases Air Circulation

Security storm doors can increase the air circulation in your home. While smaller homes, like townhouses, may not have a lot of windows. Proper ventilation is crucial for keeping the air fresh and your family healthy indoors. By having a security storm door, you can create better airflow and improved air quality without sacrificing security.

Protects Other Doors

Another security storm door advantage is protecting the other front and back doors. The weather can be harsh on doors over time, like taking the paint off or warping the other external door’s materials; but with a storm door, the protective glass will shield the door behind it from being tarnished as quickly. 

Adds Natural Light

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the sun, in fact, there are numerous health benefits to increasing your natural light intake. Having a security storm door is one of the quickest ways to brighten up your home fast!

With the front door or back door open, a security storm door is a great way to let natural light in without worrying about other things getting into your home. 

How to Select the Right Style

When deciding what style of the security storm door to get, you want to make sure it is functional, secure, and fits your unique style. These doors are made up of iron and glass. From there, there are two basic styles to choose from.

1. Venting Door

Venting doors feature partial glass panels, which can be moved for full or partial fresh air ventilation.

2. Full View

A full view door offers an interchangeable full screen which allows you to switch between wood and glass depending on the season.

How to Install a Security Storm Door

Now that you know a little more about security storm doors, you may be wondering how to install one.

We are here to help!

Security is our utmost priority and we want to help make your house beautiful and safe. Learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you get your security storm door installed.

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