The True Cost of Poor Key Management: Problems and Solutions

Trusting A Locksmith In Chevy Chase Md To Find You Keys That Cannot Be Duplicated

Keys play an integral role in our daily lives, whether it’s securing our homes, businesses, or industrial facilities. They provide access, control, and a sense of security. However, poor key management can lead to a host of issues that go beyond the inconvenience of misplaced keys. In this blog, we’ll delve into the problems associated … Read more

Benefits of Solid Locks

Benefits Of Solid Locks

Each year in the United States there are 2.5 million burglaries committed. The sad reality is that standard locks are easy to break. Thieves are clever, which means you must stay one step ahead.  Any commercial locksmith will tell you that securing your business means making it as hard as possible to break in. It’s the best way … Read more

Who is Copying your Keys?

Who Is Copying Your Keys

75% of employees have stolen from their employer. They cause 90% of all significant theft losses and cost businesses up to $50 billion every year. Even if you trust them to remain honest, they could accidentally let another criminal in. When you give them a key, they can make copies for everyone they know and give them … Read more

How to File a Police Report After Break-In

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Believe it or not, more than one million home burglaries happen each year in the United States. If you’ve ever experienced a residential break-in, then you know first-hand how frightening and traumatic this can be for families. After all, there’s nothing fun about home invaders damaging your property and stealing your valuables. When this happens to your … Read more

Benefits of Installing a Security Storm Door

White Door

Doors can welcome friends and family into your home, but they can also keep undesirable things, like animals or storm debris, out. Installing a security storm door is vital to your home improvement project. Not sure what a security storm door is or why it’s important? Keep reading to learn the benefits, advantages, and best … Read more

5 Tips to Make Your Home Safe During Vacation

Woman Entering Code On Keypad Of Home Security Alarm

Did you know that approximately 40% of Americans take at least one vacation a year? Whether traveling for the holidays or simply giving yourself some time for relaxation and sightseeing, a good vacation can be a very welcome break from you and your family’s everyday schedule. However, the unfortunate reality is that leaving your home means leaving your home vulnerable. … Read more

What Makes a Quality Door?


Your door lock won’t work, your energy bills have skyrocketed and you can’t remember the last time you opened the door without using your foot.  Does this sound like you? If so, it might be time to get yourself a new quality door.  A quality door and trim can do wonders to your curb appeal and give … Read more

4 Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Security Cameras

Surveillance Camera In The Night Time

Are you thinking about installing security cameras to protect your office? No matter the size of your business, commercial security cameras help prevent theft and capture evidence in the event of an accident, break-in, or vandalism. The features you choose matter when it comes to picking a system. After all, you don’t want to overspend or to … Read more

Locksmith vs. Retail Store: Which is Best?

Have you ever gone to have a key made and found that it doesn’t fit quite correctly in your lock? Small protrusions or divots can cause a key to fit poorly or not at all. Quick key machines at your local retail store may have a tendency to leave defects in keys at your expense. … Read more

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