5 Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

Picture a locksmith. You’re imagining the last resort that you call after you’ve tried getting inside your own home with windows and credit cards. But then there is a commercial locksmith.

A commercial locksmith can handle far more than just opening your car after you locked the keys inside. They are a security service, one that ensures your business doors and locks remain firm. In fact, they fulfill a lot of industrial and enterprise projects to keep businesses watertight.

Keep reading as we discuss all of the ways in which a commercial locksmith can serve you and your business.

1. A Commercial Locksmith Does Lock Repair

Keeping up with building maintenance may reduce operational costs, and one essential part of maintenance is lock repair. Locks and handles wear down over time after everyday use from employees and others. The locks will need replacement every few years to keep the building in working order.

Locks may also suffer damage from attempted break-ins and employee mishandling. Don’t hesitate to call your commercial locksmith to fix your locks.

2. They Do Safe Opening

Safes are an excellent place to save your valuables–so good in fact that they keep you out, too, if you forget the code. Safes have thick layers of steel designed to prevent anyone from opening them. If you lose access to your safe, then you will require a commercial locksmith to get it open again.

3. They Do Lock Installation

Installing locks, especially on commercial property, is no small task. Locks need to sit flush with the door and have free movement. The bolt needs to slide smoothly into the doorjamb, a job that is easier said than done.

Hire a commercial locksmith. Relieve yourself of the stress that comes with properly installing the locks on a property.

4. They Do Rekeying

Unfortunately, sometimes a key falls into the wrong hands. Once a ne’er-do-well has access to a key, you can never trust the security of the corresponding lock again. It is time for a rekeying to make sure those lost keys are worthless.

This is where a commercial locksmith excels. Call one immediately if you require a rekeying, since you cannot risk your security for even one night.

5. They Do Safe Repair

A safe can withstand an impressive amount of abuse. But give one man the right power tools, and he can do a lot of damage to that safe. Further, a safe may suffer a considerable amount of damage from house fires or other disasters.

Locksmiths can get your safe fixed and working good as new.

Get All Your Locksmith Needs With Sure-Fit

A commercial locksmith does a lot more than helping people open doors when they forgot the key. They can handle a full lock installation and rekeying, repair safes, and even open them if needed. A locksmith is more than an expert on keys and locks–they are a security professional keeping your property safe.

Sure-Fit is a commercial and residential locksmith folks people in the Maryland area. Contact us, and our skilled locksmiths will handle anything you can throw at us.

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