5 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

Gun owners know that safety should always be a top priority when you own a firearm. Whether you live alone or with others, own one or multiple firearms, it’s important to know that you have the security and peace of mind of knowing that your guns are secure when not in use. It’s for this reason and several others that a Gun Safe is such a good investment. At Sure-Fit Security we have several safes for gun owners to choose from, but if you’re still on the fence we also have a few more points to consider.

  1. Quick and Safe Access – Before you invest in a safe, it’s important to consider what you will use it for and where it will be located. For firearm storage, it’s best to have a safe that can provide you with quick access while keeping your firearms secure. Purchasing a Gun Safe from a knowledgeable source, such as Sure-Fit Security, will help you ensure that you can get protection as well as quick access to your weapon during an emergency.
  2. Child Access Prevention Laws – When you have a gun in a home with children (or that children visit) there’s always a risk of a child gaining access to it. A proper gun safe will help ensure that a curious child isn’t able to hurt themselves or others. 
  3. Protect Other Valuables – It’s always important to remember that nothing is ever completely fireproof or burglar-proof, no matter what the manufacturer says. Even with that in mind, a modern, well-maintained Gun Safe can help protect your firearms as well as any other valuables you may have. Gun safes can come in many shapes and sizes, so be sure to keep in mind the type of firearms and other valuables you plan to store when purchasing a safe.
  4. Legal Protection – Making sure that your firearms are secure when not in your hands is good for your peace of mind as well as legal protection. A quality constructed safe will help ensure that firearm is protected by a personalized access code and a solid exterior, thereby greatly reducing the chance of an accident that could turn complicated if others should be involved.
  5. Insurance Coverage – It’s important to show that you are a responsible gun owner and having a quality safe can be a great way to let your insurance provider know this fact. Depending on the type of home insurance coverage you have, owning a safe for your firearms may qualify you for refunds or money-saving discounts.

If you or someone you know has recently purchased a firearm or is looking for an efficient solution for protecting their valuables, be sure to point them our way. Sure-Fit Security has a wide variety of fire resistant and burglary resistant safes and can even help responsible gun owners purchase and install a gun safe in their home. Visit our site today to browse our gallery of options, and then get saving with us this holiday season:

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